What is man? – guest post

As I was pulling into my neighborhood tonight, I was struck by how deserted my street looked. Granted, it was just a little past midnight, and my neighbors were asleep. Something about the desolation of my street was still off putting. Then I realized it was because it didn’t match the radiance of the moon light tonight.

 You see, this full moon is special because it is the last of 3 supermoons we’ve had this summer. Supermoons are extraordinary events in and of themselves, but this one was especially wonderful because the moon looked positively alive. As if it could breathe and move and dance. Maybe it’s because I’ve been anxiously anticipating this night for two weeks. Maybe it’s because my heart is already filled with joy after spending time with dear friends. Whatever the case, as I pulled into my driveway, the moon seemed to beckon me, as if inviting me to keep her company, just for a little while. Though I was tired and it was late, I just had to oblige her kind request because it would have been a shame not to be an audience to the dazzling show she was giving. Here she was, shining and vibrant, with no one to adore her lovely dance across the clear skies.PhotoGrid_1410374603044

 So I sat on the steps of my front porch and watched on with amazement and wonder. The night sky looked darker than usual because only the brightest stars could feature in her show. No clouds dared to hide her magnificence. As I sat there mesmerized and completely enjoying this silent conversation with her, my ears were made aware of the other audience members: crickets and cicadas. Even a wandering cat soon joined us. I smiled to myself as I heard the trees joining in the chorus with their soft applause as the wind danced through their leaves.

Then I had a thought. All around me creation was putting on this delightful show, and all I had to offer was my devoted admiration for the beauty of it all. I felt small and insignificant, but not in a bad way. I was reminded of one of my favorite psalms, Psalm 8, in which the psalmist glorifies God  in His splendor and says, “What is man that You are mindful of him?” Who am I that God should grant the grace of this experience to me?  What have I done to deserve this heart-filling joy, this gift of adoring God’s creation around me? Looking at the moon, I could see God. Hearing the songs of the crickets and cicadas, I heard His voice. I felt His touch as the night breeze tickled my skin. Truly, God is everywhere, and His Spirit dwells in His creation. I am left simply and utterly awestruck and speechless when I reflect on His power.
The beginning verse of Tom Fettke’s Majesty and Glory of Your Name came to mind:

When I gaze into the night sky and see the works of Your fingers
The moon and stars suspended in space
Oh what is man that you are mindful of him?

If you have not heard this beautiful hymn, I encourage you to listen to this rendition of it.
Or simply read Psalm 8.
Or both.
Let the glory and splendor of His power fill you with wonder.

– Garcia


One thought on “What is man? – guest post

  1. You are a very special writer. Love to read your stories as they seem to pull you right in to the story. Keep it up!!

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